The -v-v- application

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mini diminished arpeggio


Biréli's lick

A lick that Biréli uses from time to time. The -v-v- with string skipping is the toughest part of it. Bugger!


Going up and down a scale on the six strings

The issue here is to be as fluid as possible. On the way up, you should focus on keeping the pace regular when switching between alternate picking a sweeping on 2 strings. On the way down, you should stay as regular as on the way up, even though there's this additional -v-v- hurdle. It gives me a bit of a hard time as you can see on the video...


Typical Rosenberg © lick

  • The* Rosenberg lick which main difficulty is the number of consecutive downstrokes (but there are only 2 tough -v-v- in this). Of course, the Rosenbergs can play that at dazzling speeds.