Approaches of arpeggios Over a dominant 7th major chord

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For each of the major chords depicted on the first CAGED diagram, we look at the arpeggio (in yellow), then we add each one of the arpeggio notes with chromatismes (in red over the root, in blue over the third, in green over the fifth) as follows:


Same as previoulsy. This is where the word "chromatic" takes its best meaning since the notes played above and under are merely a half-tone away from each major chord's arpeggio note.

The different ways applied to A7

Pour des tablatures des notes jouées, voir comment ces notes se réfèrent aux notes indiquées sur le diagramme dans la partie précédente sur les accords majeurs

The tablatures are not shown. Please take a look at the previous part about major chords to see how the notes played refer to the notes on the diagrams.

Way 1

Way 2

Way 3

Way 4

Other arpeggios

D-type CAGED chord (in G7) D-7.gif

C-type CAGED chord (in E7) C-7.gif

A-type CAGED chord (in E7) A-7.gif

G-type CAGED chord (in B7) G-7.gif