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Microphone AND amp/speaker needs.

vente achat binous amplis micros etc

Microphone AND amp/speaker needs.

Messagepar ClintBarton » 16 Juin 2018 11:53


I am looking for a mic and amp set-up. I have only played on whatever the house set-up is "on stage". No idea what the mics have been (probably a Shure or two) or if they were appropriate for flute, as we sang with the same mic.I'm an advanced amateur. I do some music volunteer work with a guitarist in local hospitals, and occasionally sit-in with friends' acoustic and electric bands. More often than not in in someone's living room, blowing loud enough to be heard over the guitars, singers, congas, etc., without any nuance possible. And of course - I can't even consider playing my alto flute in that context because I can't be heard through the louder instruments.

Please help.

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Re: Microphone AND amp/speaker needs.

Messagepar CooperKeogh » 29 Nov 2019 07:03

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